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Lying, two faced, internet cheating whore who likes to display her stupidity across the internet with her rediculous statements that resemble fecal matter. She enjoys typing to hear her keys click. Large, ugly, and just unattractive in a physical nature; she should be avoided at all costs to prevent blindness. She is approximately the size of a full grown cow.
I left a blowncobragirl (shit) in the toilet.

Gee Melissa, you sure acting like a blowncobragirl (slutty 2 timing twat) today.
by F-Rice February 07, 2005
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A very large obese smelly girl who flirts with ugly fat men on the internet. Part time phone sex operator, full time slut. She enjoys black penises jammed firmed in her bloody rectum. Note: You can drive a truck up her ass, do a K-turn, open the doors, and still not touch the anal walls. Anal sex of this proportion requires thousands of simultaneous black penises to properly fill her anus up.
Damn girl, Shaneekqua is acting like a blowcobragirl today.
by Elisa February 16, 2005
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