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Name: Blooffamu

Diet: lettuce, Red Bull
Allergies: lettuce

Colour: Rainbow
Blood: Gold (ichor, blood of the gods)
Size: Emu with a large head
Place of Origin: South America Easter Island

Birthdate: summer of 1997
Population: 1
Facts: -has neck pains due to immensely large head
-can only say Bloop because it was the first thing it heard
-the reason for that is because it was born moments after the infamous ‘BLOOP’ was emitted near the Easter Island
-also make the sound “Blurp” when twisting its tongue sideways

-at birth, the mother emu exploded (using laws of physics)
-the buffalo father was suspected to have abandoned the mother in shame that he mated with a bird
-it sucks up cans of Red Bull regularly to grow wings
-it’s head is very droopy and hard to lift, so that’s why there’s a pair of wings of its head to support it
-it headbutts things to knock them down
-it was discovered quickly, because it flew around to other countries saying bloop
-although it eats lettuce, < the lettuce is named Romaine Hearts it is allergic to it---scientists are not certain how it stays alive, and plans on extracting blooffamu alleles to help people build a resistance against allergies
Me: Have you seen my pet blooffamu?

Someone else: Your what?

Me: SMH -.-
by SapphireBlue January 13, 2014
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