There is only one simple way to describe both gangs, idiots, fools, and low educated. Thats the best way to describe it. But their timeline starts off during the time the devil took a shit and then they became alive and grabbed weapons and aimed them in the wrong direction and shot a puddle of the devils piss (a.k.a. the Crips) and that caused some war. It was fucking up Hells reputation as the angels above were laughing their asses off that the devil created such stupidity. So the devil summoned the Bloods and Crips onto what was a good world.

They spread like a virus infecting the general populations. Homes were being broken into, civilians were shot (or sometimes ran away due to their horrible aim) and thus the devil watched with amusement.

Eventually, they started supporting the rap artists thus spreading them out more effeciently. The only bright side was that the government hired assasins to kill Tupac Shakur. Gang war did a drive by? Please, if they can't shoot while standing still then how the hell do they even aim through a speeding SUV? More and more rappers were being assasinated. For the good of the world. And as of 2009, they still hold some political power. Howeve,r their form of politics is rather pathetic and aren't even allowed near D.C.

It was predicted by Tom Clancy that in the year 2028 the Bloods and Crips will own both sides of Los Angelas. One side being red territory. The other being blue territory and that military measures will have to be taken. It was also suggested that by then General Radec will deal with these Blood and Crip scum.

But before then, here is how to label out Bloods and Crips.

1. The suggestive manner in which they walk.

Example: Crotch grabbing, leaning back, slumped like a gorrila.

2. Hard to understand grammar.

Example: Words such as dawg, cuz, iz, the word "be" missused. Sounds of mumbling.

If any of these become noticeable then contact the authorities immediately.

3. Lack of aim. It was studied by researchers that the Bloods and Crips aim their guns sideways for some unknown purpose. Thus, making it hard to hit their designated target.

If any of these three symptoms are shown in your neighborhood then go home and contact the authorities immediately.

If it is Bloods, the number is 800-456-BLOODDRIVE

If Crips: Call 800-211-STEAMEDCRAB

Our toll free hotline will be available 24/7 except on the Holidays of Christmas, Easter, and New Years (because on New Years we publicly execute the Bloods and Crips we capture) So please, do not hesitate to call us if necesary.

If you are a first time caller you will be offered to receive the Blood and Crips emergency button in case they are holding you hostage in your own home and/or if the phone is unatainable. This device sticks to a table, wall, or even floor and the police and if needed military will track down the source and come to your aide immediately. This device is also portable for if they come after you on the street.
"Bloods and Crips are society's worst."- General Radec on Bloods and Crips
by General Radec August 07, 2009
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