A parasite. One who uses others.
I'm not that blood-sucker's friend! He doesn't have friends, just distant acquaintances and people that he's used up.
by Downstrike December 24, 2004
See term "gang stalking" or "money-shark". Gang stalkers are blood-sucking criminals.
If any of your relatives or friends or aquaitences (or anyone for that matter) is a gang stalker, then they are blood-sucker criminals.
by Slicksbro November 12, 2009
There are two types of blood sucker
1. The "leech" feeds off of another individual when they are strong.

2. The "vampire" feeds off of another individual when they are weak.
The leech is a "tag-along"
The vampire enjoys "kicking people when they are down.
This is the definition of a blood sucker
by mortheus April 14, 2009
Someone who will go to any means under any conditions to make money.
A merchant who stays open when there is a power outage to make money. A greedy person. "The people who work in that corner gas station open during the power outage to make money are blood suckers."
by ck01410 July 11, 2008
-Small animal or parasite
-Ex girlfriend
-"____" like to suck blood
by Ninjatikiman May 1, 2005
It is the act of using your teeth to remove a bloody tampon from a female's vagina while the woman is menstruating. Then engaging in sexual intercourse.
I wanted to fuck my girl but she had her period so I had to pull a Blood Sucker.
by Vampire Nylorac June 10, 2009
Letting mosquitoes suck on your genital, then smacking them and jacking off with the blood on your genital
How Robert, have you ever tried the Louisiana Blood Sucker? It’s the southern way!
by Dicknanigans October 30, 2018