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When your blond girlfriend, or blond friend, drinks to much and becomes overbearing, excessive, and crazy dramatic.
Wow did you see Julie turn into blondzilla when I started talking about that girl? She started yelling, getting all flamboyant, almost crying about something she was never involved in.
by slickb April 22, 2011
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A not particularly attractive, but not too beastly girl, blond or at least bleached blond, that is available for sex, usually has large tits and a big ass, thicker than most girls, looks real good as the night goes on and the party gets heartier, may be taller than you and probably outweighs you, but not moped quality, buxom and built for comfort and speed, built tough to play rough
That Samantha is a blondzilla, I think I'll hit it tonight- gimme another taste of that dank, homes!

I don't remember the blondzilla's name, but I found her panties in my nightstand this morning.
by creature of habit January 23, 2008
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