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This word invented by Philipp, below is his words
The blog was originally named Googlosophy Blogoscoped ("googlosophy" being the "science of Google"). The name wasn't supposed to sound too serious. I imagine a blogoscope to be a microscope in blog form, which shows something more detailed. And Google Blogoscoped, well, it's like "Google microscoped" (zoomed in to clear detail) I guess. (I don't know if that makes too much sense, and being no native speaker I don't really know what images and associations "microscoped," or "blogoscoped," bring up!) But a little later I changed "Googlosophy" to "Google" after reading through the Google trademark guidelines, which say you're not supposed to use word plays like "googlicious" and stuff...
I recently asked a native speaker what "blogoscoped" sounds like, 'cause I can't really tell. His answer: when he first saw that the word, he thought of endoscopy/ colonoscopy. So that would mean putting a camera up Google's behind?! Oh well, I think we should switch topics ;)
by Hong Xiaowan August 09, 2007
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