the most utterly Jewish, broken champ in league of legends.
teemo:"Oh fuck i just got blitz grabbed."

Announcer: "an ally has been slained"

Teemo: "fuck you blitz."

Blitzcrank: "trolololol"
by Blitzcrank 4 life November 8, 2013
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League's most Badass Champion!
He just grabbs your nice Booty and rapes you after.
Have fun!
Fist me daddy Blitzcrank!
by SwipeeZ February 23, 2018
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The act of choosing to play Blitzcrank in the game LOL and then not hitting a single pull until 20 minutes and killing their ADC, all while trashing his ADC saying they suck ass at ADC.
by Isadadasdwdas November 2, 2016
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