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When you smoke that sticky icky and reach a point where you are high and cannot function
Peter was blewout after he smoked that joint with Ryan.
by Hell Rell August 13, 2006
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A person who had mad sex in either their mouth, vagina, or rectum to the point that it hangs. Thus making them Blew out, see Blew Back
That Ho is blew out.
by Kc February 17, 2005
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1.For one to be fucked up from ruff sex

2.A dirty ho who's puss is...shot

3. Bad/ missing/ nasty
"Oh look at that ho...she musta got blew out last night"

"I would hit that but she's blew out"

"Oh you look a blew out mess girl"
by MizAsha March 07, 2005
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