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Getting so stoned the night before that you are totally oblivious of anything that might have transpired.
Trent wakes up naked in a strange backyard with a feather duster stuck in his ass and a moccasin super glued to his crotch. He retrieves his cell from a nearby pile of dogshit and calls his buddy Bongo.

Bongo: "'S'up dude...?"
Trent: "Dude! WTF happened last night man?"
Bongo: " Dude - you got like totally wasted then ran out the back door with the vacuum cleaner. Where the hell are you anyway?"
Trent: " I don't know.. but you gotta' come find me man! I aint shittin' either! I've got the worst case of blaze haze you ever saw!"
by Toby Gruntnzler October 15, 2014
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