To verbally or physically assault someone.
"I blasted her for leaving my window open when it was raining."

"Did you see that punch!?" "Yeah, that guy got blasted!"
by Formz May 29, 2008
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The best non-curse word.
MR BURNS: Can you go five blasted minutes without saying the word "virgin"!?
by negrosahn April 30, 2015
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Killed(1), Have Killed(2), or have been Killed(3)
(1) Shit Yo I Blasted That Coppa Yo! (2) Don't Worry Yo, I Blasted Him Last Week. (3) Yo He Got Blasted In Last Weeks Driveby Yo!
by Sowhatman973 January 27, 2003
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Blasted is something you say instead of bloody when you don't want to swear, you can say, darn, blooming, flaming aswell.
What did I put the blasted remote control.
by sssssp. March 23, 2008
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"Nigga i gots da bomb shit."
"Aight den, lez get blasted."
by ry[guy]ry September 21, 2006
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1. Being put down in a most vicious yet amusing manner, leading to "ground please swallow-me-up-and-let-me-die" embarrassment.
2. Getting cussed big-time
"You got blasted, man!"
by L. Awknad March 10, 2005
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Another term for having sex, not average sex, but aggressive, intense, orgasmic sex. Original context is a male blasting a female, however it is possible, but less likely for a female to blast a male.
I just blasted her.

We just had the best sex ever.
So he blasted you?
Yeah, he blasted me, and it was great!

She stumbles and falls after trying to walk directly after intercourse. The reason that she falls, is because she was thouroughly BLASTED!
by Alpha Que Beta All Night July 19, 2010
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