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A blankasaurus is someone who deliberately ignores all knowledge of your existence instead of confronting a situation.

This is due to a problems dealing with normal life situations. Blankasauri (pl.) commonly ignore all contact and try to remain as unreachable as possible. They are very socially awkward and try to be cool but fail because any decent normal person just replies.
Normal person - *text* 'Hey, so you know how we were going out, just wondering why have you stopped calling and texting me as if I don't exist?'

Blankasaurus -

Normal person - *text* 'Hey it's been a week now, I don't mind if you wanna break up, I'm pretty easy going can we talk about it or something so I know?'

Blankasaurus -

Normal person - *phones Blankasaurus* 'Hiya, yeah what is going on?'

Blankasaurus 'Yeah i'll phone you after work' (BUT HE NEVER DOES!)

Normal person - *goes and finds another normal person to have a proper relationship with*
by hedwigpecks January 02, 2012
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