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A word used to describe the expanse of nothingness or to invoke a humerous response from all those present. The word cannot, however, be used in any given situation, as the context of the word greatly varies, depending on the situation itself; the meaning is not loose, but very strict.

Blaga is not to be confused with CATAMARAN, which essentially holds the same meaning, except for the simple fact that it is only noun, wheras blaga can be a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective interchangebly. Newcomers to either words should be very careful when utilizing them in a conversation, if used at all.

Blaga is generally used as internet slang, and not appropriate for general conversation (Catamaran, however, is quite acceptable for all types of conversation). Blaga can also be used as a random word written in the form of graffiti.

Anyone without a firm grasp of the word should not attempt its use. Side affects for ametuers may include: feelings of regret, inadequacy, downtroddenism, and being called a "receptical" by more experienced users.
(Note: recepticle is an entirely different word then receptacle, and not found in any dictionary.)

The word was created by someone named Black_Dremora.
Example 1:
Person1: "Hey, how's it going?"
Person2: "Nm, u?"
Person1: "Same, same ..."
Person2: "So ..."
Person1: "blaga"

Example 2:
Person1: "Yeah, so that's how rabbit ate a cactus."
Person2: "really?"
Person1: "Oh yeah."
Person2: "That's kinda creepy ..."
Person1: "Yup."
Person1: "... blaga :D"
by A. Leavitt September 09, 2006
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