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A type of security operation or operator where the focus is on using "softer" means of power to help secure the area or region rather than "hard" power; for example, community development, intelligence operations, public relations, etc.
"Let us approach securing this mining site with a blackpanda style operation and focus on agricultural development with the surrounding villages and communities."
"I believe that this area is too dangerous, we cannot approach it like a blackpanda and just work with the communities directly as they are too hostile right now -- we need to have body armor and guns ready to go immediately."
by scorpiojing November 08, 2017
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A person that is like a shadow that wont leave u like another word for stalker.
Jon: man this girl wont stop following me, what a black panda.
Mike: wow my girl is one too, she is right in that bush right dere.
Jon: should we report them or nah? FUCKING BLACK PANDAS CAN SUCK MY DICK
girls voice: really?
guys: ahhhhh
by laurenthecoochieinspector November 23, 2013
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