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the person cannot keep a damn secret
Yesterday when i told my secret to my friend, next day everyone knew my seret gosh! my friend is blabbermouth!
by mamy April 05, 2006
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A person who uses an internet forum to bash musicians and other people in the limelight by spreading rumours.
BoozeFest2006: 1st post!!!!!

metalgore666beast: They sold out when they relased an album on cd, I can't believe they signed to a bigger label! vinyl---->cd

NilfheimGoatSlayer: Screw all metalcore and Nu-metal!

GraveLabour: Their leadsingers is hot though, I'd pee in her butt!

DeathCorpse69: Their last album was great, but the new one really sucks, mostly because I heard their bass player is gay...

Metalcruncher: Yeah they should have stayed on that unknown Polish label. Damn posers!

666=666: Come on you guys, you're acting like total blabbermouths!
by 3eye August 14, 2006
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a very talkative person--especially one who says things that should be kept secret.
"Don't say anything to Bob unless you want the whole office to know.
Bob's quite a blabbermouth."
by Iyad Mahdood January 26, 2013
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When a person is tossing salad (eating out someone's ass) and the recipient farts into the other person's mouth. An awful mouthfull of gaseous fecal matter!
Tom was eating Joe's ass when Joe gave Tom a blabber mouth! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!
by Ira Goldbaum May 18, 2010
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