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bit-ter-tude (bih-tur-tood) noun 1. An ascerbic insulting comment, usually pre-programmed and lacking originality, doled out automatically when engaged in social, personal or political discourse by bitter people with bitter minds. 2. A bland, uninspired invective which serves to further the quality of the debate/argument/position not a single iota.
Examples of bittertudes:"Wake up, people." (usually spelled in all caps oftentimes with multiple punctuation marks), "Oh look, another libtard/conservatard" or any portmanteau involving the word retarded, "You actually believe the 'lame-stream media'?" and similar insipid rhymed-word substitution, "People who like Twilight fan-fiction need to be shot.", "Obama is a socialist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim, space-alien demon warlock sent from Mars to destroy America.", "Dem dere Mexicans need to start speakin' 'Merican or git outta dis country!" as well as racial slurs in general, and any comment involving the drinking of Kool-aid in reference to the Jonestown Massacre.
by markolai January 21, 2013
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