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1. A displeasing person
2. A tampon
"Quit being such a bitchrag, you slut!"
"Shut up and help me find my bitchrag"
by Bitchrag June 11, 2006
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bitchrag is a slang word which doubles up as slag or shag its an expression used against birds originates from liverpool

(bitchragged simulates rough sex)
shed get (bitchragged) her

ay u ya fuckin lil (bitchrag)

(bitchrag) yer head in
by sayletimmycs July 03, 2009
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That person you always bitch to about your life and problems, then throw out like a dirty rag until you need them again.
Mick- Hey where's Angie?

Phil- Oh, you know her. She's just using her bitch rag again.

Mick- Oh man, I'm glad it's not me!
by jicklyjack February 04, 2015
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