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the maid of a bitch, a very pussy-like man, a wussy
damn, that nerd is a bitchmaid
by matt meyer May 23, 2006
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A male who carries himself less than a man.
Jay-Z is Bitchmaid. His heart is pumpin' shit 'cause the truth an't in him!
by Big_Manish June 08, 2005
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Noun. Used in name calling/Taunting.
Additive to the common insult 'bitch'. This variation is mostly used in a half hearted teasing way among friends (not unlike calling a pal and 'asshole ' or a 'cocksucker' but not having hostility or intent to provoke a fight or hard feelings come from it) I have not heard it used when addressing a woman. It does not hold the same force of offense as just the root 'bitch' does.
Two Guys playing Tekken 5:
(Guy 1 just won the match)
Guy 1: OH! You felt that, didn't you!
Guy 2: Bullshit! You just use the same cheap moves forever. Cheap cocksucker!
Guy 1: Awwww! You gonna cry next? You're just my little bitch maid.
Guy 2: Piss off!
Guy 1: My bitch maid is so sad now! Go soak you face with tears, you always lose!
Guy 2: What?! The rematch is starting now... What!?!
Guy 1: And... I'll just put my sweet bitch maid across my knee and spank that ass again!
by unslick rick April 04, 2005
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Today's teachers are in part to blame for the decline of our society by their war on masculinity by creating BITCH MAIDS. Starting with the "No-touch" rule and going along to the "Should we have a flag in the classroom" question. They want boys to be girls. This has created identity conflict in a generation of some boys, not all, but in the BITCH MAIDS. Then, teachers claim to not be political in the classroom, but then justify their politics in the classroom as "necessary" or "right". Kids today call what teachers have made of many guys, or try to make of all males, BITCH MAIDS
He walks behind his girlfriend because he is such a bitch maid. If boys can't fight, they are reduced to their teacher's bitch maid. He is such a bitch maid, he dresses just like his girlfriend wants and votes just like his teacher tells him.
by Droitduseigneiur September 01, 2018
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