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bitch . ism
a. having or possesing bitch like qualities.
b. the utter example of a bitch
c. michael rozkin
d. bitchism. also a religion started and practiced by michael rozkin aka the bitch of all bitches
e. when bitch shit comes out your mouth, you are now a bitch, and performs bitchism on the daily.

Origin: russia/san bruno, short people with big ears that are always russian but manage to go slow
use in a sentence:
a. Bitchism comes out your mouth!
b. michael rozkin has inflicted the world with a disease that has been named bitchism.
by don skrilly and T August 20, 2007
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The common known and understood traits, behaviour, language and appearance that identify a feminine characteristic of being a bitch.
Before you are an outcast of smoking at a public place, where it's apparently allowed take notice of the people around to identify any bitch-isms that may not have a statutory warning.
by doodling June 22, 2011
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Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against Female Dogs that have sagging breasts after giving birth to one or more litter(s). The prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism can be based on: (1) The belief that spayed Female Dogs , or Female Dogs with little or no breasts, are superior, or (2) Ignorance of the fact that sagging breasts are quite common for Female Dogs that have had one or more liters of puppies, and/or (3) Being a shallow, superficial human (dog lover or not).
Human 1: I can't stand being in the dog park when that dog is! I mean, like, look at the utters on that Bitch (Female Dog).

Human 2: Hating on a dog for having a litter of puppies is total Bitchism, you shallow Bitch.
by GC Dudeist March 14, 2019
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