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Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge a bitch, slut, whore or hoe
A couple of girls sat at our table, talking about 'how many guys they slept with' and wondering 'why their boyfriends left them'. So we just bitchblock their asses.
by starry_skye15 February 08, 2014
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To issue a defamatory or an aggressive statement to someone on social media and immediately block them so they can't respond.... cuz you know your shit is weak!
Johnny said he was gonna smash me in the face. I tried to send him my address but he had already Bitch Blocked me.
by ShaqAfrica August 20, 2018
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1. When a girl knows that you're right and doesn't know of a good comeback so she blocks you instead.
2. When you're being very annoying to a girl and she blocks you.
3. When you are truly a bitch and get blocked by someone.
Person 1: God that guy is so annoying, he's def gonna get Bitch Blocked.
Person 2: Oh yeah, I love doing that to random guys that I hate.
by itookanoof July 16, 2018
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