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bitchbang- somebody thats fucked up and should probably be slapped-

naive or dimwitted
hey, get the fuck outta my way, bitchbang!
by ANCHOVI March 24, 2007
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when one has blunt bangs, that curl inward
"I was looking all fly, but then my girll commented on those bitch bangs!"

"That damn stylist curled my fringe! Now I got these bitch bangs!"
by Kenzy IS HOT April 19, 2008
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This word is used when a guy has a small dick and the girl instead of being fucked by him, fucks him.
Richard had a small dick, I had to bitch bang him.
by Loipsinger January 21, 2017
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Women with bangs, giving a clear indicator that they have a bitchy attitude about everything
Jeff: “oh she’s beautiful”
Pat: “Nah dude, stay away from her she’s got bitch bangs, she would be a fucking nightmare to date”
by Atticusaulz May 08, 2018
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