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So what if I am, what's it to you anyways?
kelly: you're an ugly bitch
samantha: bitch I might be


Mum: Are you coming home tonight?
Me: *in my head* bitch I might be
Me: *texts* yes
by natalianatalia May 03, 2013
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The only credible defence when asked by the prosecution and/or judge if you (the defendant) are guilty of the accused crime

This response will clear your name beyond reasonable doubt. Atlanta rapper ‘Gucci Mane’ used this very technique when asked by a judge if he was guilty of murder. He responded with “bitch I might be” and subsequently all charges against him were dropped.
“Mr Gucci, are you guilty of murdering this man?”
“Bitch I might be”
by DonBrowne April 10, 2019
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