A Bitch Slap is when you cover you're dick in cum and then you slap your girl hard enough to make a red mark.
by Cougar1287 December 27, 2019
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Done by a swiss girl in her 20s, consist of using their swiss passport as a slapping weapon with the objective of showing social-economical superiority.
The slapping can be done tp people, tables, etc.
- "That girl slapped her swiss passport on the restaurant counter upon arrival, demanding the best table".
- "Yeah, seems like a clasic swiss bitch slap".
by Rockstar Nias August 6, 2018
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Kelly: oh chloes standing on the stairs
Jen: she has FOMO
Amber: errr she needs bitched slapped

chloe:.... yous bully me
by marieex October 24, 2018
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Not as good a drink as "coconut what did you just say to me?" But passible. It gets the job done. I'ma beat your ass with it.
What you want me to put it in a sentence? Fuck you! I'm a just keep drinking mango bitch slap
by THE OLD SCHOOLER July 19, 2023
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While you are anally fisting a person you grad a hand full of their shit and slap the person with it.
I Arabian Bitch Slapped this hot woman the other night and she loved it.
by TAATVoodoo October 17, 2018
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Weak ineffectual attempt to slap a bloke. Usually delivered by someone who isn't quite manly enough to throw a punch. Wussy and effeminate slap to the face that comes across all girly. The last resort of drama queens.
You call that a hit? That was a He-Bitch Man Slap. I've seen girls deliver right crosses better than that.
by Taylz March 6, 2014
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