Where electronic or digital data goes when it is lost or deleted. Derives from bit, meaning a unit of information, with bucket implying a common reservoir in which the units are collected for recycling when no longer in use.
Two hours' work went into the bitbucket when the power went out.
by Downstrike September 29, 2004
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Verb: Bitbucketing

The act of falling apart at every opportune moment. Becoming unreliable.
Netflix bitbucketed the other day. It was a pain as I couldn't watch any shows.

Stop bitbucketing and get your act together.
by carysma November 22, 2019
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Bitbucketeer - noun : A user of Bitbucket. A developer that has chosen Bitbucket over Github and other version control systems.
"I think github is too .git centered, why not Bitbucket?"
- Developers last words before joining the ranks of the Bitbucketeers
by TheBitbucketeer December 5, 2013
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