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ive tested all of the main ones out there, and this Bittorrent client program is the best one by far.

If you dont know what bittorrent is, heres from my post about it:

Gary Fung, creator of isoHunt website wrote, "Legally, BitTorrent requires simultaneous upload in order to download. So the concept of "file sharer" on BitTorrent is blurred. Technically, everyone is a sharer, it's a requirement in order to download. So its openness is an unintentional strength. No anonymizing system is completely crack-proof anyways, just like DRM, so poor privacy isn't much of a weakness. Strength in numbers, and security by obscurity."

Unlike what other people have said, because bittorrent involves the sharing between every bittorrent user, this system is more safe because there are no main uploaders who will be targeted. If the RIAA or MPAA would sue a person, it would have to be at complete random. Like Gary Fung said up there, we have ,"strength in numbers, and security by obscurity.
i just downloaded the entire discography of Metallica in 20 minutes using bittorrent! there must have been over 400 people downloading that!
by mitchapalooza April 29, 2005
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