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when people switch back and forth between talking to real people and being on social media in a social gathering.
after willow said hi to the hostess and friends, she started bisocializing by posting selfies on instagram until she saw someone else she wanted to talk to at the party.
by christiaanity December 26, 2014
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girls that act like they're bi for attention. would never consider dating someone of the same sex, but can be found at almost every party making out with some hot chick surrounded by a lot of excited guys. commonly confused with bi-curious, but remember these girls are straight and only interested in the reaction.

don't call someone bi-social to their face unless you wanna start something
girl #1: that chicks hot... is she lesbian?
girl #2: nope
girl #1: bi?
girl #2: nope
girl #1: but i saw her at a party with some girl last night!
girl #2: yeah that bz is bi-social
girl #1: @#!*
by megtastic May 27, 2006
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A person who has the ability to be social but at the same time hates people and is content being alone.
I know I'm the life of the party when I go out; but people suck. I'm just as happy chilling at home... I guess I'm bisocial.
by old_man_joe July 02, 2019
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A person with significant attraction and desire for both Facebook and Google +. (The desire for the two social networks is not necessarily equal.)
Comment on Facebook: Don't expect a reply here, he's uses Google + now.

Response: Don't worry, I am still experimenting with both. I am bisocial.
by Irish Batman October 04, 2011
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