Man say! Its 12:00 p.m on a muthafuckin sunday hoe its Biscuit time! We out! Im tryna be outta' deree. (The time to get fucked up off your drug of choice, but usually a term meant to start drinking.
by Swxxt.t539bxtch May 21, 2017
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The act of sitting around after you are technically finished with your work but not actively seeking further duties.

Derived from the phrase ‘sitting on your biscuit, never having to risk it.’

Biscuit time is ONLY during hours you would ordinarily be working. Breaks, lunch, or just slacking off when there are remaining galas is not considered to be proper biscuit time.
Really trying to rush through this list this morning. Hoping for some solid biscuit time after lunch today.
by Les1077 July 10, 2018
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Biscuit time is when you find biscuits! It is also a nice period to celebrate with your friends!

Ran out of biscuits for biscuit time? No problem mate, I'm always there :D
-Hey Lincoln, Is it 5 pm already?
-No, it is biscuit time :D
by Lincoln Ler May 25, 2023
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