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1. bisaya is a general term for a person (male/female)who lives in the southern islands of the Philippines. these islands are the panay island, samar island, leyte island, biliran island, cebu island (which is also known as the cradle of Christianity and where the famous Magellan's cross was erected), mactan island, (where the portuguese sailor Magellan was killed by a local chieftain named Cilapulapu in the year 1521, refer to Fr. Horacio de la Costa, SJ, Readings in Philippine History), camotes island, negros island, siquijor island, guimaras island, bohol island. these islands are also known as the visayas islands. it is also necessary to mention that there are also several bisaya in the mindanao islands where the bisaya language is widely-used.

2. bisaya is a general term for the languages used in the southern islands of the Philippines. languages like waray, ilonggo, cebuano, bol-anon, surigaonon. LuDaBi (an acronym for Lunhawng Dagang Bisaya) is a venue for the promotion of the language. all those languages mentioned are called bisaya but in reality these languages are different and have different grammatical constructions.

3. bisaya is the name of the weekly magazine published by LIWAYWAY Publishing whose office is in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
when somebody asks where a person is from, if he/she comes from those islands mentioned, his/her answer is "bisaya ko."
by ram16ism/yoox June 08, 2012
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