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Verb: The flaring of one's nostrils whilst pointing lips outwards and flaring them also quite hard in a bird beak position. It is also required to use a slight frown in order to put more emphasis into the bird beak pose. (The bird beak is done in a sarcastic way everytime somenoe says something stupid and the other person replies doing the pose).

Purpose: The aim of the bird beak is to show the other person that what they are saying or doing is wrong, rediculous, unlikely, or impossible. It can also be used when one is telling a sarcastic joke and at the end of it instead of saying "i was only joking" they do the bird beak instead.
example 1. Cornelious: "Hey we should go and egg that guys house tommorrow"

Rupert: Does the bird beak whilst saying something like; "Yeah as if..."

example 2. Cornelious: "Do you think this dress looks good on me?"

Rupert: Does the bird beak.

example 3. Cornelious: "I just smashed your car"

Rupert: "Did you really? SHIT!"

Cornelious: Does the bird beak
by ZELLLLLLLLL May 20, 2009
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