(verb) using a straw as a vacuum to sample or test a cocktail before serving. Place a long straw in a glass or shaker and put your finger on the top, open end of the straw trapping the liquid inside. Remove straw and taste liquid to ensure proper balance of ingredients.
Brad must bird a cocktail before he serves it to make sure it tastes just right.
by EvilDrinkMixter January 17, 2013
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(Brit) Across the midlands and other regions of England, a "bird" merely means a female of the species. It has no other, more sinister connotations.
The plural is, naturally, "birds", but you wouldn't be stupid enough to call it a flock.
"Oi Pete, izzat your bird?" (in this instance it refers to the respondent's girlfriend)
by THE Lesbian December 08, 2004
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Will: You comin round with the boys tonight man?
Dan: I can't, I'm seeing my bird.
by LMRLANCS February 02, 2008
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