The act of sitting in a chair and nodding in and out of sleep with your upper body going up and down towards table in a bill fold like manner. This is usually caused by being extremely tired and or very high/intoxicated.
Tell your sister to move her plate of spaghetti. Her face is about to go in her food from her billfolding again. Will you please wake up and quit billfolding on the coffee table again please.
by Wylieguide July 05, 2017
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Like a wallet, but harder to find. Usually does not actually contain any money.
"Can you guys come pick me up? I can't find my billfold."
by PK-Fire January 11, 2004
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Sonny, can you grab my billfold? I'll give you a dollar for lunch.
by yodawwgggg September 01, 2010
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A wad of small bills (1s and 5s) intended to make it look like the carrier has a lot of money.
"Man that guy's got fat stacks"
"Nah it's just a Puerto Rican billfold... dude's broke"
by tinmoth June 20, 2015
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When someones wallet is so full of junk that when they pull it out it resembles a two-story building.
Hey Jon you really should clean your wallet, it's starting to take the form of a two-story billfold.
by CSells March 19, 2004
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