A sadistic, psychopathic, Illuminati-like demon that is surprising from a Disney show. Has a cult following of sexually frustrated teenage girls. Wears a bow tie and a top hat. Known for giving deer teeth to a ten-year-old, attempting to cause the apocalypse, and pouring soda on a kid's face, from inside the kid's body. while the kid's ghost watched in horror and disgust.
by maybe i am a fish August 25, 2016
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Satan and Jesus rolled into one well dressed yellow triangle on a children's show. (also see illuminati)
ford: do either of you recognize this symbol?

ford: *holds up picture of bill cipher*

dipper: bill...
dipper: yeah he possessed me a while back it was not a fun experience.
ford: okay what the actual fuck
by irl dipper pines September 8, 2015
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a demon from the show Gravity Falls whim of which is a fucking yellow Illuminati demon
bill cipher is a floating yellow triangle from a show called Gravity Falls
by s a d May 24, 2019
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A cool yellow dorito/triangle/illuminati that wants to end the world.
"Bill cipher is the best triangle oh my lord"
by Billciphertrash November 1, 2015
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King of all Doritos! He Ajay wants to rule the universe, big whoop.
Bill: The name's Bill Cipher, but you can call me your new Lord and Master for all eternity!
by Bomberman1218 June 27, 2016
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