One of THE greatest stand up acts.
And one of THE best comedians.

You May also know him as -
-The Voice of the Whale in 'Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy'
-Team Captain on 'Nevermind The Buzzcocks'
- Vince the Drug Dealer in 'Saving Grace'
- Manny, the somewhat derranged book shop worker in 'Black Books'
Listen To 'Love Song' by Bill Bailey on Part Troll, so very funny indeed.
by bloodflowers June 21, 2005
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THE best stand-up act and comedian, and probably one of the funniest guys on tv right now.
kinda looks like a troll, but who cares?
self-proclaimed "confused hippy"
bill bailey has appeared in:

black books
never mind the buzzcocks

and guest stars in many other british tv shows.
by fiona clarke July 16, 2007
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The best damn comedian in the whole world.

His two most popular shows are:
"Part Troll" and
I just saw bewilderness, I have never laughed so much.
by Harry charlslichcroyden March 7, 2005
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