Bilkis is a woman very respectful and good-looking. She loves crafting and has a big imagination, also gives the right decisions. Bilkis would be perfect for a top model with all her art skills. So if you ever meet a Bilkis, she will brighten up your life.
Person: I had the worst day ever!
Bilkis: What happened?
Person: Uhh, nothing...
Bilkis: Tell me, I'm sure you need help.
by Bilqis May 22, 2021
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Typically used by African American teenagers in the late 90's. It is slang for "gross" or "that's some sick shit!"
Martel - "Yeah nigga, i was at da party last night and der was hair all up in Shelonda's arm pits 'n shit!"

Darnel - "Daaaaaym nigga, dats bilky!"
by Hidrolyx68 December 16, 2004
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