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1. To make bigger; to increase the size of; to magnify. Not a standard word; often used for the humor derived from the fact that it mimics the sound of other real, often technical-sounding words ending in -fy, such as "magnify," "rarefy," "terrify," and "mollify."

Compare: embiggen, smallify
"On this webpage, you will find pictures from my vacation. Click to biggify."
"Gentlemen. We must biggify our endeavors."
"That font looks kinda small. You should biggify it."
by Jack-o-Rabbit November 23, 2009
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1. biggify means to enlarge

2. biggify also means to magnify
synonyms: magnify and enlarge
antonyms: make smaller
smallifyto biggify is to magnify enlarge
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by SUZZXan July 21, 2017
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