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a great leader of a bad boy crew such as the bad boi food crew! demands maximum respect all the tym and attitude is thier speciality-the ultimate bad boy!
Yeeeesssss! Bad boy pearson! maximum respect to bad boy big P!!!
by the bad boy food crew May 06, 2005
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It means big pussy, but in a more discreet way, for example when you are surrounded by coworkers.
"Dude, what happened last weekend, I thought you were going to stay out until the club close"
Nah. I was tired and I went home to sleep
"Man, you are definitely a big P"
by jairusan January 04, 2018
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legendary food teacher, who by the way, if you look up bad boy crew first, is the bad boy crew leader!
alright big p, oh legendary leader of the bad boy crew?
by bad boy food table May 07, 2005
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The street name for a new drug all the college kids are taking in place of adderall, otherwise known as Positivity.
Oh man, Adam totally OD'd on Big P today!
by Aynonymoose January 16, 2012
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someone from MLMS who has no ballz to say who this iz and also has no balls to say all this shit up to th persons face, rather than hiding their little puzzy ass self behind the damn computer... jus like conduapoon
probably sum1 in Abay per.1
by nunyabuissness February 28, 2005
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