Absolute great man usually hilarious and always puts a smile on their face ...he is the most interesting man in the world
Yo that guy is such a big Andy
by Nlevin10 July 26, 2018
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Big Andy is a god that likes to embarrass you by making you repeat something that someone has already said pretty much straight after you have said it
Nathan : “what time is it?”
Bob: “2:50am”
Seconds after

Molly: “what time is it?”
Nathan + Bob : “alright big Andy
by created by Firefighters kids January 12, 2021
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-- a sex act where a male crushes approximately 6 oreo cookies and one box of ritz crackers and places it in the asshole of a female. The male proceeds to have sex with the female, pulling out after climax and rubbing what resides on his member onto the face of the woman.
Ass to Mouth? She's really dirty if she'll do a big hot andy.
by Octal D. Froam April 13, 2010
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Big Cock Andy Abbreviation is BCA.

To be be slammed by a guy named Andy and because of the size of his cock being huge, you are damaged from sex for at least 2 weeks.
Hi ! How are you? Not well I just got Big Cock Andy “BCA” , omg Big Cock Andy has smashed another. Damaged report at least out of action for 2 weeks maybe 3? Are you going back for some more BCA ? Is the sky blue!!!!
by I love you Scout December 22, 2018
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