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A very intellectual creature who resides in the great fields of penis juice. he is a mostly hostile creature who will attack at first sight and can only be placated by offers of vidya game discounts, free titty milk, canned pickles, expired twinkies, various My Little Pony Plushies, and dat good kush. No one has fully glimpsed a bibert in person but various videos taken by bibertologists have shown a slight scuffling in the brush, followed by a cry like "ooooOOOOOAAAHHH GAIGAIGAIGAIGAIGAIGAI MOOSTAHPREADING OOHHEEOOOEEOOO" according to bibertologist Jhohm3(double aich)a3_in Bu3u(double ar)_glughhhhhl(L as in ludwig)ohhhhh. He has devoted his life to the study of biberts. He gon be a book. Biberts are the rarest species of bibert. It is required by all biberts to learn about biberts in their bibert class. There is only one Bibert and he only bows down to Big Bertha and occasionally moo.
Man, that Bibert just stole my car.
by mo_o(the underscore is silent) October 23, 2014
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(n.) A smart and witful creature that resides in the holes of walls. It wishes to be left alone at times and cannot be harmed by insults. This creature will not attack unless provoked by some form of attack on it's mental well-being. If you are to come across one, just be kind to everything you see around you. Over time it will come to you and stick by your side. They do not often become hostile towards humans, and can be easily tamed by them. Currently only a few Biberts have been found, and only one is being studied. The others just watch and wait for their turn, which humans believe they are wanting. Don't ask anyone about them, because not many will actually know. They are also very secretive, so getting information from them is not easy. You have to speak their language to actually get what they are saying, but you'll figure it out.
Don't pet that Bibert, it could snap your neck if you do that!
by Mottian January 20, 2018
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