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A group of 2 people.
Tri-group/3-group - A group of 3 people
Quad-group/4-group - A group of 4 people
Quin-group/5-group - A group of 5 people
Six-group/6-group - A group of 6 people
Septi-group/7-group - A group of 7 people
Octo-group/8-group - A group of 8 people
Novem-group/9-group - A group of 9 people
Decem-group/10-group - A group of 10 people
You can say it in any language and you can use any number.
"They're a 6-group"
bi-group/2-group - A word to describe easily how much people are in a group.
by zman4593 May 30, 2016
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