A wery wide vagina i.e. a vagina(choot) which has been opened up by numerous sexual intercourses over the time & which cant really give the pleasure which a tight vagina can.
Mallika Sherawat must be having a mast Bhosda.
by Sa De July 8, 2006
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When the vagina starts to cum and during licking it feels like a hangover like bhaang ..
Ky bhaang bhosda tha yrrr maza aa gya...
by Lulli7861 April 3, 2021
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It is the superlative degree of bhosda.
Bhosda means the reproductive organ of a female i.e vagina.
When the vagina is fucked is so hard that it becomes 2 or triple of its size then it called BUM BHOSDA.
Note : The increase in size of vagina when fucked is a theoretical concept.
Maine saali randi to kal raat itna choda ki uski chut ka bum bhosda bana diya.
by hit98 July 25, 2011
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A haryanvi bhosada is a guy with a big dick and fucks all village chicks while harvesting his crops. He his the epitome of horniness and fucks his goat sometimes.
HIN: Abhinvav Kaushik ek haryanvi bhosda hai. ENG: Abhinav Kaushik is a Haryanvi Bhosda.
by RANDVA January 24, 2018
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A twat fucked so hard by a making it as big as a bucket
We made her twat a balti bhosda at that orgy gangbang
by Normie fuck October 5, 2019
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A short and fat joint of marijuana with the potential of knocking you the f out.
That joint is a bam bhosda
by The Chaach April 2, 2015
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It's hindi slag used to refer to "Your Mother's Pussy"
Oye Porkistani, teri maa ka bhosda
Unn Pakis ki aisii ki taisii, unki maa ka bhosda, bhartiya jawan chodd denge unki sena ko
by simplybest83 January 15, 2012
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