The defination of 'bezzer' is two people come together and are best friends for ever! and ever! and ever! and ever like becky and james!!
Becky and James met one day and now they will live together for the rest of there lives in eternal happyness because they are 'bezzers'!!
by mottoyotto November 13, 2010
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A male drinking partner who, while utterly slaughtered, one can get very close to, but not actually stimulate sexual acts with; A form of male bonding. This can also dissolve into violence rather easily.
Drunken drawl: "Mate, you're my bezzer you are, I f*cking love you, I'd die for you, but if you look at my girl one more time I'll F8cking punch your lights out."
by Nick CD October 28, 2007
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a name for some one who has been shit on by a bird in the mouth.
oh what a lovely day today,oooh whats that in the sky? ahhhh hahahahah you BEZZERRRR!!!
by duncan white January 02, 2008
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