To go somewhere or do something quickly. To be restless and active, sometimes erratically.
Holly was bezzing about the dance floor like a demon!
by gavween February 03, 2007
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Originating from Middlesbrough, England

The act of getting intoxicated through the use of alcohol or recreational drugs to the point of not being aware that one has soiled themselves violently.
Man 1: Hey man, that ket is insane, I'm feeling pretty bezzed
Man 2: I can smell it from here, you twat
by MarkCorrigan January 08, 2014
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To do something very quickly and urgently. Usually used when in a car and in a rush, or when you're on foot (also in a rush) and need to run somewhere quickly or something.
Also, if you can shout it, do it.
"OK, as soon as you see a gap in the traffic, go for it"

*gap appears*

BEZZ IT!!!!!!

"Right, when the lights turn red we run"
*lights change to yellow*

by Rankles March 17, 2009
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The new version of cool or phat, meaning very good.
Man 1: 'Did you hear, Colin's just bought himself a solid gold toilet!'
Man 2: 'Yeah i've seen it, it's bezzing!'
by Aidan B-S January 25, 2008
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A slang word for 'penis' or 'dick' used commonly in Tasmania, Australia among 'the boys'
by lolololol_420 March 05, 2020
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A Bezz is someone who never sets themselves away or occupied in an instant messenger.
I'd drop Jay a quick note to let him know I'll be late but he's just a Bezz anyways and will never get it on time.
by spitefulfuxxa September 16, 2004
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