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She is very funny but annoying at times she is really ghetto and she is really opening at times and she care for u but if she likes u and she doesn't know how to dress she'll so We with fancy clothes and go out with pjs or something but she is very loving and pretty girl but when u get on her nerves she'll go off on u
Betsaida is very loving and funny
by Pretty girll May 16, 2018
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A very very cute girl who probably wears glasses , ummmm...she’s probably short and loves pizza . She can be really shy, but super super nice and cool and awesome once you get to know her . She has a big heart , and she’d do anything for her friends or loved ones . P.s she might be a little kinky .
me: damn Betsaida is sooo quiet

???: Yeah she is, but if you talk to her she’s actually really radical.

Me: damn son
by pizzalover35 May 23, 2018
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