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*Not to be confused with "one of the guys" or "girlfriend"

The girl who befriends the wierd kid with pink hair, ACDC shirts, and floppy skate shoes in middle school. The girl who is completely unaware that this awkward, scrawny kid will eventually become the guy of her dreams. The girl that thinks she's just being nice but all the sudden realizes she's not just nice, but lucky. As time goes on she realizes she has become his "bro" and, in his eyes, is no longer a specimin in his dating pool. She has to act as though she's interested in hearing him ramble on about the hott girl he met in physics or the 'totally sick' new deathcore band he just downloaded on to his iPhone1700. The girl who has to sit there and watch him snuggle up with another chick who looks just like her and pretend she has no idea that she's the third wheel. She's the girl who when she says she's 'confused' on where their relationship stands and he pulls something out of his ass like:

"Oh, I know how the lines can get blurred sometimes. It's cool dude."

- (as if you had just apologized)

Being the "best girl friend" is almost like being the average looking sidekick to the sexy super hero. Sure, it's awesome to be seen with him...but who ever notices her? She's the girl who wants what she can't have and the all too oblivious.
You're my best girl friend, dude. Our relationship is awesome. Why would you want to screw that up?
by kickdrumcam014 September 08, 2010
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