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when you get a hero in warcraft or in DotA and you receive a hero that has an ability called chain lightning, and you yell out "BERP CHAIN LIGHTING" when you use it.
Andy: Boyd help me gank bot
Andy: ks
by Athathaway October 04, 2007
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When, in the course of a game of dota or another hero based, warcraft 3 map, you have a hero possessing an ability called chain lightning. Upon using this ability, on usually shouts "Berp Chain Lightning!!!" as loud as they can, so as to alert the rest of the house as to what just happened. Often most exuberantly used after the player using the ability has just KS'ed his team mate or friend.

Some say that the ability 'Arc Lightning,' found on the popular dota character named 'Zeus,' also constitutes the use of Berp Chain Lightning, as its animation and effect are similar. Although this is still widely debated among linguistics and dota players alike, both sides agree that it still is pretty cool.
4allya: Come gank bot with me!
Thededone: Ok, berp chain lightning!
4allya: Wow dude, way to KS. and btw, only fags like Biggiy and Boyd say berp chain lightning.
by thededone December 05, 2007
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