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-Benor (πŸ…±-nΓ“r): a penis exceeding 13 US inches (39,000 cm) in length, but not exceeding 15.3 inches (2.398 cm) in length (usually jewish). A Benor is typicly circumcised and unshaven, but can, in rare occurrences, be uncircumcised and clean-shaven, however, a Benor is never both circumcised and shaven, not is it ever uncircumcised and unshaven. Always one, but not the other.
-In some African cultures, a Benor is also a currency used exclusivly for prostituion of young boys and occationaly, dead zebras.
Hans: "Zat Jew over zer has Benor"
Adolf: "Nein. His sexual organ is circumcised and shaven, zerefor it is a regual jew penis."
Hans: "I vant to zuck on it"
Adolf: "Nein, I vill do ze suckink avround here."
by buttbot69 October 22, 2017
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