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a very poor west african country. a former portuguese and later french colony. a bright spot in africa over the last few years, as its economy is growing (although not substantually) and it's actually becoming a true democracy. the most interesting fact about it to most people is its shape.
benin is shaped like a penis and balls.
by Ben E. Hama January 26, 2007
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An african country which many people from other country comes there either to live, visit or do buisiness. The capital is Porto-novo. Benin was known as dahomey before in the olden days .It is not a very rich country nor is it poor. The people of Benin are called beninese. It is in between togo (lome) and nigeria. the people there speak many languages, its a country where everyone is friendly to each other. if about ths country well.... there is alot of things to describe and their food there too are deeeeeeeeelicious !!!. Beautiful and nice country :)
religions : christians and muslims.
languages : yoruba, hausa, french, english etc.
linda: where are you from?
mariam: am from benin.

ahmed: we learned anout this country today... was awesome... nice country
josh: hmm...relli? which country?
ahmed: benin.
by selena ss November 30, 2011
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Greek latin for 'Welsh Homie Ben' Master of teh Whales
fo shizzle benin u cant step to this
by Anonymous June 19, 2003
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