A man who goes to great lengths to avoid risk, embarassment, or exposure. i.e., if the belt should break, the suspenders will keep his pants on. Not quite paranoid, but on his way there. Can also be said of a man with something to hide. (or less than something as the case may be)
Lars, a real belt-and-suspenders man, saves every single email he sends and receives and archives them to CD, claiming "you just can't be too careful".
by Rex Cavendish February 9, 2005
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In-the-closet male transvestite. Wears trousers held up with a belt. Underneath wears stockings and suspenders.

If only he knew that he should have used BRACES to provide additional trouser (not pants) security.
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words blah blah blah
by fubarderby February 11, 2005
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