Something that fat chicks should NEVER have.
Did you see the belly ring on that girl?

No, I was too preoccupied with the fact that she is a fatass.
by Nidamric February 22, 2007
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A stupid name trendies call a navel piercing. The actual jewelery put in navel piercings is a curved barbell, although sometimes cbrs are used. This name annoys the hell out of anyone who is seriously involved in piercing.
"Eeeeek! I totally got a belly ring on Friday bcuz Britney Spears does! She is totally kewl!
by Shinku March 27, 2004
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A popular naval piercing among sluts and non-sluts alike who get this piercing because they think that it is cool.
It does not send a sexual message but can get annoying for one or more of the following reasons:
1. it gets infected easily and stays that way
2. if it has parts that dangle they could easily get caught in one's pants or any objects set on one's lap. This really hurts.
3. if one does not buy a tight ball it will fall out.
4. months after it has been pierced it may still close up in a day when taken out.
5. it might rust.
Shelly was excited about her belly ring at first but after it had fallen out 3 times and she accidentally ripped out the dangling bits when they got caught in her pants she thought of it as a royal pain in the ass.
by Savannah M May 30, 2008
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A piercing that only sluts and cheerleaders have. And usually larger people have them.
That skank has a belly ring. Damn. She is such a slut.
by 7layerz August 30, 2007
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The new tramp stamp. Just as the lower back tattoo draws eyes down toward the butt, the belly button ring draws eyes down toward the crotch.
That chick you picked up at the bar has a belly button ring... you're gettin' some tonight!
by AFC1974 March 3, 2010
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The Piercing of the belly button semi-sluts get if they aren't slutty enough to get their tongue pierced
I got a belly button ring to show that i'm a semi sexy slut
by BK Babiigurl December 17, 2006
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