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To attack or greet someone with a protuberance of stomach. Must be pre-announced with a shout of "BELLY BOUNCE!" and to be truly authentic, be answered post-BB with the sweet slinkiness of a "Ling-Long-Ling...". Originating from the Russell Brand Podcast March 2015. Adopted by MMAS. Never a replacement for Pin-Pinnery.
"I'm going to give you such a belly bounce when I see you!"
by CKHH April 20, 2015
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The act of buffeting a nosey old bitch away from your front garden with your sizable gut. The blow can be imparted with a forward thrust or with a devastating sideswipe.

The manœuvre necessitates the cry "belly bounce" and to any other party who hears it must respond with "ling long ling".
"What happened with that lady in your garden?"
"Oh that shit-stirrer? I gave her a belly bounce, I belly bounced her right out my garden"
"Ling long ling!"
by ImDarkerThanYou April 20, 2015
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