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A sexual act in which a well endowed woman places her breasts on either side of her partner's head then bangs them back and forth - the breasts being the bell and the head being the clapper.
"My head is still ringing from that bell job Francine gave me last night!"
by FMR January 25, 2007
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Like a Blowjob, except that instead of engulfing the entire Penis the one giving the Blowjob mainly focuses on the Bellend.
Dave: "Holy shit dude, Georgia gave me one hell of a Belljob last night!"
Johnny: "What's a Belljob man?"
Dave: "It's like a Blowjob but just on the Bellend! It was mad, I cummed like crazy!"
Johnny: "Ohhh shit dude! Niiiiice!"
by GiNgErNiNjA August 05, 2012
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The practice of getting sucked off while eating Taco Bell. Should be a defining moment in every mans life.
The Bell Job assured that the toilet would soon suffer a similar explosion of spray witnessed by my girls throat an hour earlier.
by quiet7 November 27, 2011
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